“Ok. Now this is epic.” —Ajax Flame

“Straight Fire!”—Future to the Max

“Absolutely sick. Smashing it.”—TBL UK

“An extremely appealing dance track”​— Purple Sneakers

“His output only gets more and more adventurous.”​— Happy Mag TV

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Mac Summer is looking to knock down doors with his eclectic production style, ranging from soothing late-night trance to liquid drum & bass that’s as energising as it is emotive. Mac Summer has an impressive suite of production experience, informing his creative output and ensuring only the highest quality of his music ever gets released. Fans have compared his art to that of The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Netsky and many other big- name stalwarts of the electronic scene.

Mac Summer’s proficiency as a producer allows for his songwriting to transcend traditional genre limitations. Inspiration born out of analog reggae recordings, Summer’s music combines his large knowledge of musical styles with his experience as a record producer. He adds a timeless rhythmic power to songs that render movement inevitable while listening to them. Relatable, striking and designed to make you feel, Summer’s music is a revolution in liveliness and emotion in drum & bass.

From humble beginnings came great success, as Summer’s high work ethic, production skill and passion for the industry did not go unnoticed. He spent ten years in Los Angeles, setting him up with the skill, experience and desire to become a much sort after producer.

With his most recent tracks, Mac has received significant acclaim, both from prominent critics and an ever-growing international audience. With a steady stream of new releases and live appearances scheduled for the coming year and beyond, Mac is poised to remain a fixture of the international electronic music underground.

Keep your eyes firmly locked on Mac Summer’s anticipated releases as they continue to captivate his audiences worldwide.