The internationally renowned Drum & Bass producer, Mac Summer, is back on the Diary of Shows playlist with an electronic explosion that promises to shake the genre’s structures. His latest track, “Let It Go”, is a demonstration of why he is considered a leading exponent of the scene in New Zealand and beyond.

Mac Summer has built his reputation over the years, exploring a myriad of styles within the vast universe of Drum & Bass. From energetic beats to more ethereal compositions, his versatility is evident in his discography. “Let It Go” is further proof of his ability to turn his musical visions into reality.

The track begins with mesmerizing electronic elements that create a mysterious sonic atmosphere that quickly transforms into an electronic journey. The distorted synths and meticulously orchestrated breaks provide an instant injection of adrenaline for listeners.

A remarkable feature of “Let It Go” is Mac Summer’s own voice, which fits perfectly into the intense production. His vocals add a layer of depth and emotion to the song, establishing a palpable connection with listeners.

“Let It Go” isn’ just your average Drum & Bass track. She strikes a deft balance between bold electronic sonic exploration and irresistible pop accessibility. This fusion of innovative electronic elements with ethereal vocals creates a musical experience that is both challenging and immersive. Listen now: