‘Hands in Our Tills’ ft. MC Wasp is pure rhythmic magic

Mac Summer and MC Wasp have meticulously crafted a drum and bass banger with high-energy dynamics and explosive vocals.

Mac Summer has been a prolific producer for decades and his music breaks down genre conventions.

The New Zealand artist creates with the sole purpose of moving his audience and crafting hard-hitting beats with floor-filling potential. His debut single, Hands in Our Tills, is a worthy testament to this vision.

Hands in Our Tills wastes no time cutting to the chase. The track opens up with suspenseful synth jabs that lead into a spacey kick/snare beat and MC Waspfeature verse. “Greed is ingrained; what does it mean to refrain?” raps the artist.

Throughout the track, an unfiltered focus on inequality and a socially conscious call to action is delivered. Just like the rapid-fire rhythm section, the lyrics propel and provoke. “I wanted a song that inspires people to do something themselves to bring change and balance”, comments Summer on the track.

Suddenly, the unrelenting chorus presents itself. The drum pattern plays double-time, while a belted melody cuts through: “We sit in the same boat, cast far from land”. Atmospheric synths enrich the texture, while a heavy bass infuses the mix with energy. The post-chorus presents some ominous minor chords, increasing the urgency of the track’s message.

It’s this constant fluctuation between tension and release throughout the runtime that reflects Mac Summer’s seasoned production skills. Summer masterfully maintains a listener’s interest with breakdowns, rhythm switches, and emotive vocals, ensuring there is never a dull moment. Only at the conclusion of Hands in Our Tills does he allow a chance to breathe and ponder on the track. Mac Summer’s long-anticipated LP is set to drop this year, and we’re holding onto our seats.

Listen to Hands In our Tills below:

– This article was originally created and published by HappyMag.TV and written by By Manning Patston