List of 20 Unknown Artists You Should Listen To Right Now

By Leticia Lima | Diariode Shows

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Mac Summer, one of the most acclaimed producers of the New Zealand electronic scene, has just released his latest track, ‘Suddenly The Rain’. The song starts with an eerie piano intro, creating an ethereal and catchy atmosphere that soon evolves into a high-energy electronic track filled with memorable hooks and moments.

The musical style of ‘Suddenly The Rain’ is a perfect example of the modern Liquid DnB sound, characterized by the combination of drum and bass elements with smooth and atmospheric melodies. The result is a thought-provoking and romantic track that is sure to make the audience dance and get emotional. Additionally, the song’s complex rhythm structure showcases Mac Summer’s technical ability as a producer. He is known for creating catchy productions that combine elements from different electronic genres, resulting in a unique and innovative sound.

With their latest track, Mac Summer proves once again why their shows are considered must-see events in the New Zealand electronic scene. ‘Suddenly The Rain’ is an innovative take on the future of electronic music, perfect for any forward thinking electronic playlist. Certainly, the track will be a hit among electronic music lovers around the world. Listen now:

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