Mac Summer Announces New Single ‘Suddenly The Rain’

The latest from the New Zealand-based producer showcases his mastery of liquid drum and bass.

Mac Summer’s enthralling productions have made him a fixture on New Zealand’s electronic music scene. His newest track is his most compelling to date. With its otherworldly aura and irresistible rhythms, ‘Suddenly The Rain’ is a perfect example of why his shows have become can’t-miss events.

Built around ethereal vocals and intricately composed latticework of rhythm, ‘Suddenly The Rain’ brilliantly encapsulates the modern Liquid DnB sound. Opening with a mysterious piano intro, the song quickly evolves into a high-energy electronic track, full of huge hooks and memorable moments. It is an innovative vision of the future of electronic music – romantic, thought-provoking, and eminently danceable.

My new single ‘Suddenly The Rain’ is available everywhere Mar. 24

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