By Damien Reid | Illustrate Magazine

Mac Summer is a dominant force in the New Zealand electronic music scene thanks to his captivating sound. His latest release on March 24th, “Suddenly The Rain” is a liquid drum and bass track. This recent piece is also the most catchy one and exemplifies why his performances have become amazing spectacles with their surreal atmosphere and enticing rhythms.

“Suddenly The Rain” brilliantly captures the contemporary liquid DnB tone. The track is built around dreamy vocals and an elaborately crafted rhythm section. After a soothing piano intro, the song explodes into a high-octane techno masterpiece full of catchy hooks and unforgettable emotions. It’s a forward-thinking prediction of what electronic music will sound like in the future: passionate, sophisticated, and irresistibly melodic.

Electronic music is a staple in the industry and has enchanted massive arenas with its resonant sound. It brings us to the edge of our seats with acts such as Mac Summer firing it up with pulsating beats and powerful synths. This is especially true in “Suddenly The Rain,” where its uplifting aura grabs your attention immediately and doesn’t let go easily. Every vocal passage and rhythm portion is ecstatic and sparks your soul with delight. Particularly the segments that had a sharp synthesizer piece intrigued me the most, and with vocals tagging along, that feeling was heightened. Altogether, it’s an epic track guaranteed to thrill a crowd and make them dance all night long.

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