Mac Summer returns with evocative and captivating new single, Let It Go

Review by KIMU

Establishing the mood with an orchestral hit, astral vocal layers, a meditative frequency and dimensional bassline, Mac Summer opens Let It Go with an intricate and dynamic jungle meets drum’n’bass hybrid energy.

Atmospheric vocals captivate us whilst the visionary producer showcases his instrumental mastery with epic bass drops and an exquisite sonic landscape. Needless to say, we are mesmerized.

We learn that the composition is designed to “provide an instant shot of adrenaline”, and it feels just like that. We are catapulted into Mac Summer‘s high octane universe, and we never want to leave!

Our obsession with Mac Summer first started when he took us on a trip with Suddenly The Rain, and since then we have been exploring his wider discography.

Let It Go fits cohesively into his overarching soundscape, and we appreciate the poetic nuance of the piece, as well as the unexpected journey that the composition takes us on, keeping us hooked at every inflection.

We have added Let It Go to our New Music Spotlight playlist, whilst we continue to stream Mac Summer expansive archive of tracks, and anticipate future releases from the visionary composer.