New Music Roundup: Fresh Releases You Can’t Miss! – TJPL FRESH DANCE & POP

Looking for some exciting new music to add to your playlist?

Look no further than our latest roundup of fresh releases from up-and-coming artists. We’ve got a diverse selection of tracks to suit every mood and taste, from MAC SUMMER‘s dreamy Liquid DnB sounds to Jacques Bailhé’s thought-provoking take on a classic piece of music, and Frank Rabeyrolles’ eclectic and intriguing Boat Songs album. Read on to discover more about each artist and their latest releases, and get ready to fall in love with some exciting new sounds.

Suddenly The Rain

Mac Summer’s ‘Suddenly The Rain’ is a must-listen for any electronic music lover. The song is a prime example of modern Liquid DnB, with a dreamy vocal performance and expertly crafted electronic beats. The track starts off with a haunting piano melody before transitioning into a high-energy, danceable tune. ‘Suddenly The Rain’ is an innovative and captivating vision of the future of electronic music, and it is perfect for any playlist designed for those looking for fresh and forward-thinking tracks.

Published by Tamara Jenna