Review By AJM

The New Zealand producer continues to push boundaries on the innovative new track

Mac Summer has been one of New Zealand’s leading Drum and Bass producers for years, exploring everything from high octane dance tracks to gentle, soothing ambiance. On his latest track, he pushes the genre to its limit. A mixture of surprising electronic textures and ethereal vocals, it is the most captivating track to date from an artist poised for an international breakthrough.

‘Let It Go’ opens with a hypnotic blend of electronic sounds, eventually evolving into an uptempo, otherworldly electronic track. Its distorted synths and expertly executed breaks provide an instant shot of adrenaline. Mac incorporates an angelic vocal performance, which is an ideal counterpoint for the intensity of the production. ‘Let It Go’ strikes a perfect balance between electronic exploration and pop accessibility, showcasing everything that makes Mac such a unique artist. It will be well received by new fans and DnB enthusiasts everywhere.

Listen to ‘Let It Go’