“Suddenly the Rain” by Mac Summer, an energizing sonic spell

Open the windows of perception and allow the breeze coming from “ Suddenly the Rain ” created by Mac Summer to bring the energy to your moment to be more active and unforgettable.

The arrangements actively build upon a brief introduction of piano gentleness, replacing the vibrations with currents of electricity and desire and fascination, harnessing synthesized and electronic tones to generate unrivaled liveliness.

The lyrics reveal a separation, showing the ways that changes can be seen, and the transformations that can cause within the abandoned mind.

A surge of revitalizing magic happens because of the rhythm, allowing the physical body to desire the freedom to dance in every possible scenario, creating its own fantasies to inspire the steps.

Romance, surprises and captivating hooks will intoxicate your perception, making this a perfect composition for the playlist of exercises, dance or for moments of enjoyment, as its nuances offer the lack of limits for the mind to inhabit.

Have fun and navigate the currents of well-being generated by this fantastic work.

“ Suddenly the Rain ” an energetic composition that invites you to explore the textures of sound, tattooing the vitality of time in its sonic veins.

Published by Amanda Costa