Get Lost in the Ethereal Vibes


Let’s be clear: if you aren’t dancing to the latest track by Mac Summer, ‘Suddenly The Rain’, then something is seriously wrong. This song is the epitome of what can happen when an experienced producer mixes up energetic beats with captivating vocals. It’s an infectious combination that will have everyone up and moving in no time!

Summer has been a staple on New Zealand’s electronic music scene for some time, and his latest track ‘Suddenly The Rain’ proves why. With an otherworldly aura and irresistible rhythms that make it impossible not to dance, this Liquid DnB masterpiece truly lives up to its name – from its mysterious piano intro to intricate latticework of rhythms.

What truly sets this track apart are its vocals. Ethereal and haunting, they weave in and out of the beat like a delicate thread. As such, it creates an atmosphere that’s both romantic and thought-provoking; one in which you can get lost in its rhythms while forgetting everything else around you as you dance along to its beats.

Mac Summer’s ‘Suddenly The Rain’ is an inspiring vision of electronic music’s future. No matter if you’re an expert or just someone who appreciates quality music, you’ll want to add this track to your playlist. So grab your dancing shoes, crank up the volume, and let Mac Summer’s beats take you away.

You can listen to ‘Suddenly The Rain’ below: