Techno Vibes and Cyberpunk Vistas

Mac Summer released his electrifying new single “Let It Go” recently on the 1st of September 2023.

Review by Lost in The Manor (UK)

This makes use of his talents to create a high-octane track that is full of life and brimming with intricacy resulting in an intoxicating listening experience quite unlike any other. 

“Let It Go” is a four-minute fusion of techno-pop sounds and funky groovy bass sections on the synths that give this song a feeling of being constantly in motion. The powerful staccato-like drum beats on this track are perfectly complemented by the synths that come together to create a thoroughly modern and unabashedly funky instrumental that demands your attention throughout its runtime. The vocal lines on this track simply add to its character with a perfect blend of fiery and haunting vocal stylings. This results in a listening experience that is smooth-flowing and vibrant.

If there is one feeling this song invokes in you it’s that of an adrenaline shot, with its electrifying motifs and melodies filling you full of energy. I thoroughly found myself fully invested in the soundscape which also has a subtle cinematic appeal to it. The production of this track is also pure perfection with every note and beat deliberately placed to maximise the listening experience. This is not the type of song you just listen to and forget but rather one that you simply crank the volume on and let the music take control. I loved listening to this track and so will you, so go check “Let It Go” out today! 

Listen to ‘Let It Go’