Mac Summer is a veteran of the EDM scene in Auckland, but through direct dialogue with other aspects of the genre, he became one of the bastions of electronic music with more underground slopes. His newest release, the single “ Transformation ”, is a reliable portrait of this uneasiness and diversity in style, providing us with a petard of impactful proportions in his musical symbiosis. We have a direct permeation of drum’n’bass, jungle, house-music, psy and dark-wave, bringing a most vivid sensory outbreak!

Obviously we at Roadie Music are always keeping an eye on the releases of the DJ and producer, as the last single “Web Of Life”, which already brought a powerful electro-indie-pop of undoubted proportions. In “Transformation”, the dialogue of the most provincial between male and female vocals, together with the imposed sound propulsion, is a great factor for the primordial success of the track. One of those songs that is born with undoubted hymn status, because despite being completely immersed in the tracks, carries a highly attractive brain prognosis for a more attentive listening!

The sensory archetype installed in the track, carries the listener to smoky and gloomy dimensions, but that simultaneously hatch in an explosion full of primordially expansive opportunities, because it is really sensational! O minimalist piano that erupts with all the rhythmic and melodic variations, captained by the explosive beats and synthesizers in profusion, results in this record that will take Mac Summer to even higher steps on her journey! We can not fail to emphasize the chorus, which always in the case of his works, carry a pop motor force of the most porous, and the cry to the lungs becomes an irrevocable premise after entering our sensory stream. SENSATIONAL!

Available below, Mac Summer and her new hit candidate single, “Transformation”: