Let your body Take in The Energy


Heart pounding Drum and Bass that makes you move your body. Bringing some variation in the Pop update with a more energetic track. The song ‘Transformation’ is an up-tempo track with energetic rhythms.

Mac Summer is the producer of ‘Transformation’. He can be seen as a genre-bending artist as he doesn’t let others put him into one specific box. He made his name in international dance music and produces tracks with energy and liquid Drum and Bass.

The tones of Jungle and Darkwave get to the surface of ‘Transformation’, together with a relatable story. The track is about the fact that nothing makes sense anymore – which reflects on the current affairs in the world as well as how we experience them. The track is comforting, it shows how you are not alone in your doubts and your confusion. Together with this tune you can dance those feelings away.

The minimalistic piano is driven by a high tempo beat and followed by immersive vocals. The vocals are almost conversing with each other and hyping each other up.