Review: Find No Enemy


Let it Go

Mac Summer’s “Let It Go” is a jolt of energy, a shock that simply throws life into you. Summer brings together a thrilling fusion of electronic elements that catapults you into a decisively high-octane journey that’s unrelentingly filled with speed.

At its core, “Let It Go” is a relentlessly uptempo composition that thrives on pushing boundaries. Mac Summer’s masterful execution of distorted synths and meticulously crafted breaks creates an atmosphere that grabs you once and doesn’t give you a moment of reprieve.

Incorporating a hauntingly beautiful angelic that accompanies and contrasts the intenseness of the production, you’re treated to a contrast that works on a multitude of levels. The ethereal performance anchors the track at large, creating a bewitchingly mesmerising atmosphere that’s at once soothing and invigorating.

Summer’s able to piece together a work that simultaneously has moments and energy to feed both the more extreme and the casual, blending together something that’s accessible but differentiated all at once.