Hyperspace EP. 36


Get ready for the Hyperspace Jump.

Well well, here we are, back again on our infinite grind. Infinite as the space apparently, or does it have some limits that we still don’t know about?

Definitely, the variety and beauty of music is immensa, and tha’s why our mission of bringing the most music out there directly to you never ends. May have just begin and we are already incredibly excited. 

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to jump over Speedlight.

MAC SUMMER – “Suddenly The Rain”

Talking about sick stuff, time to include to the show the incredible Drum n Bass artist Mac Summer, after releasing some crazy bangers he’s now back with another masterpiece called “Suddenly The Rain”. This tune will get you on a mystical journey with its beautiful soundscapes, beautiful vocals, remarkable melodies and incredible groove: a powerful tune full of hope and energy, you’ll get into loop mode with this one!