Necessary Outlet

Suddenly The Rain – Mac Summer (EDM) Mac Summer’s new track, Suddenly The Rain, is a a big one.

It takes a good breath at the top to set the stage with sweeping synths and lilting keys in order to create a vast soundscape, but as soon as the percussion hits, it’s a freight train right out of the gate. The song plays it pretty straight with traditional EDM elements, but we get a bit of left field with the appearance of operatic vocals that compliment the Ellie Goulding-esque female leads. We also have a sprinkling of male vocals at the intro and bridge, helping to keep things interesting as the EDM beat pulses along.

But what stands out to us the most about Suddenly The Rain is the undeniable earworm that is the chorus. We defy you to not have the title of this track replaying over and over in your mind after hearing it. Due to its drive and catchy melody, we think this one goes best on your commute playlist (not to mention on your pregame soundtrack).

Best Lyric: “I gave you my trust but you treated me like I couldn’t see.”