Review by Kimu

Mac Summer takes us on a trip with dimensional and dynamic new single, Suddenly The Rain.

Setting the tone with a textured synthscape with melodic nuances, whirring detailing and an enigmatic piano performance, Mac Summer opens Suddenly The Rain with atmospheric vocals before the opus expands with a pulsating beat.

We appreciate the dimensionality of the track, and the drum’n’bass elements have us totally tripping. The variation in vocalists, including operatic elements, adds vibrancy to the opus, and the New Zealand based producer self-describes his sound as “modern liquid drum’n’bass”, which we absolutely love!

Full of high octane energy, and memorable hooks, we appreciate the poetic prowess shared by Mac Summer and his co-writer Miklos Power, and the overall anthemic nature of the composition.

We learn that Mac Summer is a fixture on the New Zealand electronica scene, and can only imagine how expansive and iconic his live shows must be. The cohesive tapestry of sound that Mac Summer delivers is out of this world and transcendental. The euphoric nature is tangible, and we appreciate the introspective wisdom and vulnerable optimism that he conveys with his songwriting and sonic architecture.

The return of the piano for the middle eight before an expansive final reprise has us in a chokehold! We love the universe that Mac is creating, and Suddenly The Rain has been added to our New Music Spotlight playlist, whilst we continue to stream Mac Summer‘s wider discography including Hands In Our Tills, Web Of Life, and Transformation.