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The internationally renowned Drum & Bass producer, Mac Summer, is back on the Diary of Shows playlist with an electronic explosion that promises to shake the genre’s structures. His latest track, “Let It Go”, is a demonstration of why he is considered a leading exponent of the scene in New Zealand and beyond.

Mac Summer has built his reputation over the years, exploring a myriad of styles within the vast universe of Drum & Bass. From energetic beats to more ethereal compositions, his versatility is evident in his discography. “Let It Go” is further proof of his ability to turn his musical visions into reality.

The track begins with mesmerizing electronic elements that create a mysterious sonic atmosphere that quickly transforms into an electronic journey. The distorted synths and meticulously orchestrated breaks provide an instant injection of adrenaline for listeners.

A remarkable feature of “Let It Go” is Mac Summer’s own voice, which fits perfectly into the intense production. His vocals add a layer of depth and emotion to the song, establishing a palpable connection with listeners.

“Let It Go” isn’ just your average Drum & Bass track. She strikes a deft balance between bold electronic sonic exploration and irresistible pop accessibility. This fusion of innovative electronic elements with ethereal vocals creates a musical experience that is both challenging and immersive. Listen now:



The band Carpe Diem has released its new single, “Airborne”, a song that transports us to a movie scene in the desert, where we are sitting in a hot air balloon, rising towards the clouds, while contemplating the ivory tower. This song invites us to question whether those who inhabit the tower are truly disconnected from the real world or simply choose to avoid confronting reality.

Carpe Diem is a duo consisting of Keith, who plays guitar, and Ada, the vocalist. His music is a narrative and poetic journey that reflects on the meaning of life. Inspired by renowned Irish dream pop group The Cranberries, they create music with engaging, soul-searching cinematic themes. According to the band, the track “Airborne” was recorded at Yeah Studio in Hong Kong and features Keith on 12-string acoustic guitar and solo electric guitar, Ada on vocals, Bryan Kam on fretless bass, Alexander Shirazee on percussion, and Dannis “ Goody” Lai on keyboard. A special highlight is the guitar solo by Eric Mo, Keith’s guitar mentor and recognized musician in Hong Kong.

The song begins with major chords and innocent children’s daughter in the background, capturing a moment of joy and carelessness. However, the atmosphere changes as minor chords and enveloping synths introduces a sense of unease. Ada’s ethereal voice is lost in the clouds, questioning those who remain oblivious to reality. The solo guitar, which gradually fades away, symbolizes the continuous transmission of the message to “heaven”. Listen to the new single from the band Carpe Diem now:



Joel Zighel has just released the first single from his highly anticipated second album, titled “Vintner’s Blues”. This album promises to tell the fascinating story of a wine merchant in New York’s West Village neighborhood.

The single, “Be Cool, It’s LA,” transports listeners into the experience of a songwriter traveling to Tinseltown to perform his “latest song.” This track, chosen as the album’s kickoff, combines the feel of a summer anthem with a complex and intelligent narrative. The production of this album is inwardly analog and featured musicians from the New York scene, along with production partner Craig Dreyer of Mighty Toad Studios, located in Brooklyn, NY.

Joel is a songwriter and performer with a growing fan base in New York and Los Angeles. His debut album, “Down On Jones Street,” released in 2017, chronicles his formative years as a wine merchant in New York’s West Village. During this time he also performed at several popular venues including The Bitter End, Pianos, KGB Bar Red Room, Caffe Vivaldi, The Delancey and others.

Produced by Craig Dreyer at Mighty Toad Studios, the album echoes the influence of musical icons such as Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs and Randy Newman. The exclusive tape recording and horn arrangements by renowned musicians such as Jay Collins (Little Feat) and Barry Danelian (Tower of Power) give the album a unique and warm presence, reminiscent of the great recordings of the 70s. promises to further expand the artist’s intriguing catalog. The album will feature Dreyer’s distinctive horn arrangements and contributions from prominent New York musicians.

Joel Zighel continues to delight his audiences with witty lyrics and a distinctive piano style, and “Vintner’s Blues” promises to be yet another remarkable achievement in his musical career. Listen now:



NotRye, a musician from Los Angeles, recently released his new single titled “Never Mine”. This artist stands out for his raw and transparent approach to expressing emotions through music. Their sound, eclectic and genuine, combines elements of experimental nostalgia with a significant dose of pain.

NotRye’s creative process is driven by her quest for extreme emotions and a willingness to tackle uncomfortable topics without reservation. With their producer, Jameson Tabor, they form a collaborative team that turns genuine experiences into authentic music. NotRye’s musical influences are artists such as Billie Eilish, P!nk, Mitski, FINNEAS, Charlie Puth, Julia Michaels and JP Saxe.

“Never Mine” is a song based on the artist’s dating experience, where he found himself trapped in a relationship that did not have a happy ending. The song evokes a sense of longing and sadness, while questioning the circumstances that led to the end of the relationship. The track was recorded at Jameson Tabor’s home studio in West Los Angeles. The track is a genuine musical expression of NotRye’s experiences and emotions, offering listeners a unique emotional journey. Listen now:



Josh Tepper is back on the Diary of Shows playlist and this time with a release in partnership with singer Madisyn Shipman, also known as Madisyn. The track titled “Built Me” delivers a powerful message about past relationships and the complexity of emotions they evoke.

“I wrote ‘Built Me’ as an ode to past relationships that were not necessary good for me, but I still missed the person,” tepper Shares. His ability to create music that connects emotionally with audiences is evident in this new track.

Josh Tepper is an alumnus of the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts, where he majored in voice, and also attended NYU Tisch, where he received his BA in film studies. His musical journey includes the release of seven singles to date, with more songs in the works.

Madisyn, on the other hand, is a multifaceted artist who is now also a Playboy Bunny. Her captivating presence and passion for music make her a valuable collaborator on this moving track. 

For this release they were inspired by artists such as Hilary Duff, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Drawing on these musical influences, “Built Me” was carefully produced to capture the essence of the complexities of past relationships, where longing often mixes with memories, even when we know those relationships were unhealthy. Listen now:



CODYY, an Irish singer-songwriter, is ready to win the hearts of music lovers with his newest debut single, “Time2Be”. This capturing track, which combines a fusion of organic instrumentation with electronic tones, is an ode to the universal search for meaning in a world full of distractions.

“I wrote ‘Time2Be’ in my studio in Mullingar, Ireland, as part of my solo project. Since moving here in 2020, I have been creating music that represents my journey as a solo artist,” CODYY Shares. The song is a reflection on the search for meaning outside of ourselves, when the answer lies within ourselves.

The song possessed a sense of urgency from the start, with CODYY’s emotive vocals intertwined with powerful guitar riffs, intense bass and dynamic drums. This combination creates a sonic experience that resonates with fans of a variety of genres, from indie to alternative pop.

Produced by CODYY and Ed Tom Leach, “Time2Be” stands out with its infectious melodies and unexpected harmonies. This debut single sets the stage for CODYY to make his mark on the music scene, inviting listeners to join him on an exciting journey in search of meaning. Listen now:



Murphy, the talented Canadian artist, is back with her latest hit, “Beat of My Heart”. This electrifying track promises to have listeners humming and dancing to its bold pop melodies. At just 23 years old, Murphy has already made his mark in the music industry. His unique and magnetic sound, combined with sincere and emotional lyrics, connects deeply with his audience. She not only creates engaging music, but also shares powerful and inspiring messages.

From a young age, Murphy showed an extraordinary talent for music. Starting with the guitar at age 7, she did not let anyone tell her it was too difficult. Music quickly became her passion and her journey as a musician led her to play in church bands, lead adult groups and explore the variety of instruments.

Murphy studied music at Grant MacEwan University, where he earned a BA in Contemporary Pop and Jazz. Her versatility and passion for music have made her a remarkable artist, able to comfortably perform in a variety of musical genres. After a year at university, Murphy expanded her influence and musical network in the United States, where she performed at venues across North America. Today, she continues to collaborate with major artists and publishers in the EDM scene and beyond.

“Beat of My Heart” is a track that combinations Murphy’s love of alternative music and EDM. With over 750,000 streams on Spotify, his capturing music and charismatic personality have won him a global audience. Murphy and her musical partner, Dan Mess, promise to bring an addictive and irresistible vibe. This track promises to make you sing and dance non-stop. Listen now:



Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Centershift continues to rise to prominence in the West Coast music scene. With their latest single, “The Ride,” they not only consolidate their presence, but also demonstrate their musical strength.

“The Ride” is a track that leaves no stone unturned. Produced by Jose Alcantar, who has worked with big names such as Linkin Park, Blue October and Imagine Dragons, the song carries a palpable energy. It follows the release of the band’s other recent single, “Fade Away”, and is now available on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

The band isn’t just releasing standout singles; they are also working on a new album. In April, they entered the studio with renewed producer Jose Alcantar, and the result will be the soundtrack to the next chapter in Centershift’s musical journey.

Centershift is led by vocalist/guitarist Jasan Radford, former member of the band Onesidezero, which is widely recognized in the music scene. Completing the band’s lineup are Ryan Shane Stuber (ex-Shuvel) on guitar, Ted Wenri (ex-Bemus) on bass and Stefan Storace (ex-BLuPRNT) on drums.

According to Jasan Radford, lead singer and guitarist of Centershift, “The Ride” is a song that talks about those unspoken words to a loved one who has passed away. It’s a reminder that time is precious and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Listen now:



“Ogni Istante” is the new single by producer and composer Bias, originally from Imola, Italy. This song was born in the melancholy moors of Iceland and is a declaration of love from a distance. The author himself describes the song as a poem:

In the silent landscapes / I feel my space on earth /the square meter / that is next to You

Gian Luca Biasini, also known as Bias, began his musical journey at the age of 6, influenced by his father’s passion. He learned to play a variety of instruments, from piano to drums, guitar to percussion, and immersed himself in several musical genres, with a particular penchant for punk and rap.

After a career as a drummer in several bands, including JLK and Wax Anatomical Models, in 2016 he released his first solo album under the pseudonym Ex New. In 2019, he released “Pegaso”, his second album. However, it was during the 2020 lockdown that the BIAS music project was born, when Gian Luca changed his creative approach towards lyrics and music.

In 2021, he launched the Bias Music channel on YouTube and SoundCloud, where he shared remixes and covers of his favorite songs, including tracks by Rage Against the Machine, Joy Division, The Police, Slipknot and others. During the fall, he released some new music, marking the definitive transition to the BIAS name. Now his music continues to capture and surprise his fans, demonstrating his versatility and passion for music. Listen to his latest release now:



Navigator marks a radical evolution for the band Monroe Moon. This release, along with a series of upcoming singles and EPs, reveals this talented duo’s remarkable flexibility and desire to explore new musical territories. The track was released by Bohemia Music and The Orchard Records, a division of Sony, and the band is now managed internationally by The Bohemia Group, working alongside Grammy-winning English producer Mike Exeter. Get ready for an intense dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll that is, simply, delicious.

Formed Monroe Rabbit – Vocals, Theo Malkin – Rhythm Guitar, Ryan Jamgotch – Lead Guitar, Jude Lolly – Bass, Zach Dubai – Drums Hotel, this eclectic and talented union originated in Grand Rapids, MI, where it all started with a whimsical video recorded by Bunny & Theo. His main influences derive from novels by renowned authors such as Kurt Vonnegut and Tom Robbins.

Navigator was recorded at Electric Moon Studio in Grand Rapids, MI, which is owned and operated by guitarist Ryan Jamgotch. Production was abroad by Grammy-winning English producer Mike Exeter. This capturing song is an exploration of the connection between an individual’s everyday life and the vastness of their mind. It captures the essence of a harsh Michigan winter, rocked by the influential sounds of Iggy Pop and the cent of cigarettes.

In his own words, “I’ve never done rock ‘n’ roll before,” says Monroe Rabbit. Listen now to this track that marks the new phase of Monroe Moon:


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