Best Discoveries of the Week EP.53


Get ready for the Hyperspace Jump.

Summer just ended. We are sad, you are sad. But just for a minute. No more than this. The sun always blasts its radiations all over the planets. We swear it’s freaking hot in the spaceship right now. So the cold it’s just for you guys on Earth. 

Anyway, we have something to warm you up and to put some sunshine on your moody and gloomy days, while you’re back to your awful 9 to 5 job. Yes!! We are talking about our Hyperspace selection of the best music of the week. Hot tunes alert here, so take the sunscreen and get ready. 

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to jump over Speedlight.

MAC SUMMER – “Let It Go”

Mac Summer is back and this time he unveils his latest banger “Let It Go”. This electrifying track pushes the boundaries of electronic music, blending expertly executed breaks, and an angelic vocal performance to distorted synths that characterize this track which are not merely elements of sound but rather tools for crafting a sonic landscape that is both mystifying and invigorating. Mac Summer’s ability to manipulate these synths with expert precision is immediately evident, drawing listeners into a state of heightened anticipation.

Once again an impressive production from this artist, you guys don’t really want to miss this out!

Listen to ‘Let It Go’