Review by Happy Mag.TV


Liquid drum and bass aficionado Mac Summer returns with ‘Web of Life’

As Mac Summer reaches the third decade of his career in dance music, his output only gets more and more adventurous.

Auckland-based artist Mac Summer caught our attention back in June, with the explosive Hands In Our Tills. The seasoned production revealed a knack for tension and release, and a tendency to push an allegro tempo to its absolute limit with liquid bass and drums.

For his follow up release, Web of Life, Summer more or less undertakes the same high-energy practice. However, this time around, it’s even more adventurous.

Why is it more adventurous? If we pick apart the soundscape, there are a few contributing factors. Firstly, the ominous synth chords create a dark, cinematic atmosphere, with strings and brass both weaving in and out, giving the track a sense of monumental significance.

Tying the brooding, minor instrumentation together is Summer’s signature liquid drum and bass, chugging along at a rapid tempo. Though Summer isn’t afraid to get experimental, his rhythm section keeps the Web of Life in a familiar space of EDM.

What’s most impressive, however, is the vocals. In particular, how versatile the performance manages to be. Soaring hooks crescendo from careful whispers to assured belts, giving the listener a gripping sense of forwarding momentum.

For electronic music lovers, there’s the polished production. For pop-centric listeners and those that crave some memorable hooks, the vocal performance has you covered. The seamless dips in and out of falsetto were a prominent highlight for me.