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The prodigious Mac Summer gives a layer with this excellent single entitled « Let It Go »

Already recognized for his unique talent in the realization and production of atypical music, the, new Zealand’s Mac Summer continues to put intense pressure on the public at each of its releases. Gifted with’a talent frenzied in the development of drums and bass, it will be released at the beginning of September an excellent song which is’titule « Let It Go » which comes to confirm its supremacy.

The’artist has greatly evolved in the production of symphonies that know how to soften, dance, move and even relax. This time, in his company of’exploration, the’artist will have offered an instrumental output of’a rocambolesque universe which gives a thrust of hormones and’adrenaline. Mac will have explored the nooks and crannies of’a landscape adorned with’octaves and beats per minute to offer a ball of’ energy ready to explode from your eardrums.

« Let It Go » is a clever mix between pop style and electro style. This alloy of genre has made the single littered with details that you will have the opportunity to enjoy during your sessions. In addition, the score is decorated with’a female voice that gives a curious aspect to the production.