Web Of Life

The latest from the Auckland based artist reveals his gift for larger than life hooks

Mac Summer’s liquid drum and bass sound has endeared him to dance music fans around the world. On his latest single, he combines a dark cinematic atmosphere with a compelling vocal performance to create one of the year’s most memorable dance tracks.

‘Web of Life’ opens with a series of soft mysterious chords before the song transforms into an explosion of energy. Over the course of five minutes, Mac reveals his mastery of tension and release, constantly taking listeners to unexpected places. One of the most powerful aspects of the track comes from the singer’s voice- a powerful instrument capable of growing from a whisper to a full throated croon at a moment’s notice. With its insanely catchy hooks and soaring production, ‘Web of Life’ is a track that should appeal to any electronic music fan.

‘Web of Life’ is available everywhere Nov. 5