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Mac Summer is from New Zealand. His live acts have gained recognition as one of the most captivating in recent years. With a packed tour schedule, his shows across his country got him acclaimed rapturously.

From his early days as a reggae producer in Auckland to his current incarnation as a liquid drum and bass innovator, his sound has always been about high-octane rhythms, mesmerizing atmospheres, and unforgettable hooks. Dedicated fans and prominent critics alike have praised his latest sonic innovations. Having released many new albums and appeared in some high-profile events, Mac is sure to have a profound impact on the electronic music scene worldwide.

” ‘Suddenly This Rain’ by Mac Summers is a high-voltage journey through the beat.”

I recently came across this song, ‘Suddenly The Rain’ by Mac Summer. A perfect encapsulation of modern Liquid DnB, ‘Suddenly The Rain’ has ethereal vocals and intricate rhythm layers. An opening piano intro quickly gives way to a high-energy electronics track with huge hooks and memorable moments. It’s a piece of Electronic music that is romantic, thought-provoking, and danceable. Suitable for any playlist featuring forward-thinking electronic music.

Overall, ‘Suddenly The Rain’ by Mac Summer is an apt choice for house parties and club nights. It serves the right uplifting kick you need any time of day! Add the Sparkle of EDM to your playlist with this song.